Liquid Dynamics works with Armstrong’s range of control valves. Through Armstrong we are proud to offer Emech digital control valves. Emech® valves and actuators are available for steam/water and hot/cold water industrial service.

The unique range of Emech® multi-patented ceramic disc or stainless-steel disc rotary three port mixing and two port flow control valves, when combined with Emech® digital actuators delivers superior closed-loop in terms of speed, precision and reduced mechanical wear when compared to traditional mixing and control valve systems. 

The mixing valve system is a highly optimised temperature control system with patented valve disc system, swirl mixing action, high speed in valve sensing, with imbedded PID control of a 100% duty cycle rated stepper motor digital actuator. 

A series of digital flow control valves are also available, which when combined with the Emech®actuator and sensing technology forms a system providing superior temperature control to a range of industry standard processes, through its high speed and software configurable control dynamics.