ACROTORQ NA Series Electric Actuators

The ACROTORQ NA series electric actuators are ideally suited for economical and efficient actuation of quarter-turn applications such as Ball, Butterfly, Plug Valves and Dampers for on/off position control.

They are extensively used in piping and ducting in various applications such as:

  • Water treatment
  •  Effluent treatment
  •  Cooling water
  •  Mining slurries
  •  Pulp and paper
  •  Ship building
  •  HVAC

Its simple design and sturdy construction ensure reliable performance, ease of installation and maintenance and comes standard with an IP67 rating and a torque capacity up to 3000 Nm in a range of supply voltages and options.


⦁ Standard enclosure with o-ring sealing is watertight to IECIP67, NEMA4 and NEMA6. The actuator is available with optional explosion-proof        enclosure.

⦁ Electric wiring of control circuit is standardized for single and three phase power supply in a single module. Multiple terminal contacts sufficiently cover additional requirements such as auxiliary contactors for DCS, interlocking and other options.

⦁ Mechanical and electrical module can be separated easily to improve assembling, maintenance and alteration of electrical requirements. Actuator has enough internal space for optional accessories.

⦁ Size of handwheel is designed for safe and efficient emergency manual operation.

⦁ When operated the manual override lever engages the handwheel. Manual override is automatically disengaged when motor power is applied.

⦁ Base mounting is standard to ISO 5211. Drive bush is removable for machining to valve stem requirement. The actuator position on the valve can be selected for four positions by means of four bolt holes in the drive bush.

⦁ A space heater inside the actuator prevents condensation due to temperature and weather changes. Standard 200W heater keeps all electrical components in the actuator clean and dry.

⦁ The limit switch is activated by means of a simple and yet reliable cam mechanism mounted and driven by the centre column. The valve position can be accurately and easily set with a simple adjustable switch mechanism. The set position is permanent and is not affected by over- travel resulting from manual operation.

⦁ Cam activated torque switches are easily adjustable to provide overload protection.

⦁ Rolled steel worm gear on aluminium bronze worm wheel self-locks to prevent valve back drive on control signal or power failure and transfers high torque with high efficiency at low sound levels.



Download the ACROTORQ NA Series Brochure