Dynamic Pressure Independent Control Valves with threaded and flanged connections.

Controlli PICV’s are ideal for use in heating/cooling variable flow systems and provide constant flow regulation within a given range of differential pressure drop.

Dynamic balancing eliminates overflows regardless of fluctuating pressure conditions in the system

3 valves in 1

One PICV replaces up to three separate valves (a 2-way control valve, a flow limiting valve, a differential pressure control valve). They provide constant flow regulation under varying pressure conditions. Controlli PICV’s allow you to optimise control in heating and cooling circuits with variable systems. The flow rate can be precise set at its specified design value.

These valves offer linear valve characteristics regardless of the pre-set value. There is constant differential pressure across the control valve regardless of changes in pump speed or valve closure elsewhere in the system.

Easy selection and commissioning

You can always select the smallest valve capable of delivering the designed flow rate. Selection is quick amongst the thousands of different units thanks to the Controlli PIC V selection tool

Commissioning is so simple. It is just a matter of selecting one of the pre-set values on the valve calibre. Use the supplied formulas for valve calibre setting for a quick flow estimation. And there is easy measurement of pressure change with the Controlli DMP700 differential pressure meter (up to 700kPa).


And there is more!

Combining the Controlli PICV’s with the NR9000 controller with its temperature management function provides even greater energy savings!

Actuators with a fail-safe function are available for PICV’s of all sizes.

NR9000 controller_Kit for FCU´s.JPG