Emech® digital control valves

Emech® digital control valves are faster, simpler and smarter with one goal in mind: unparalleled performance in industrial applications. Emech® digital control valves are available for steam/water and hot/cold water industrial service.

The unique range of Emech® multi-patented ceramic disc/stainless steel disc rotary three port mixing and two port flow control valves, when combined with the Emech® digital actuator, delivers superior closed-loop performance in terms of speed, precision, and reduced mechanical wear when compared to traditional mixing and control valve systems.

The mixing valve system is a highly optimised temperature control system with a patented valve disc system, swirl mixing action, high speed in-valve sensing, with embedded PID control of a 100% duty cycle-rated stepper motor digital actuator.

A series of digital flow control valves are also available, which when combined with the Emech® actuator and sensing technology forms a system providing superior temperature control for a range of industry standard processes. The control dynamics are configurable by software.

Actuator features

  • Electric stepper motor control
  • 100% duty cycle rated for continuous control
  • Planetary lifetime lubricated, low backlash gearbox
  • High speed 1.3 second quarter-turn response
  • Precise positioning achieving 0.03º valve seat placement
  • Software configurable PID control for individual application loop tuning and special modes via RS232
  • Two operating modes: standalone control via onboard keypad or remote control via external 4-20mA
  • 4-20mA input and output ports
  • Additional auxiliary switch control available
  • Epoxy powder-coated aluminium NEMA four enclosure
  • Two sizes:

E12 model 310 in.lb torque 24vDC 3.5 Amp

E13 model 885 in.lb torque 24vDC 5 Amp

Valve features

  • One-piece rotary spindle design
  • Top entry maintenance and simple seals/o-rings
  • Pressured rated to 145 psi, designed to ASME B16.34
  • Mechanical valve mounting to ISO5211, 5211

Primary markets

Primary markets for the Emech® range of digital control valves are:

  • Food processing industries
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturing industries
  • Industrial manufacturing industries

High speed accuracy and increased productivity

With the Emech® digital control valves it is possible to reduce production downtime, improve product consistency and boost revenue.

Emech® digital control valves are specifically designed to instantly respond accurately. Emech’s response time is incredibly rapid which directly affects productivity. The technology of Emech® simply achieves more in less time, increasing productivity while lowering utility and maintenance cost. Emech’s superior valve performance allows manufacturers to run their plants closer to limits, allowing increased production and yield.

Very maintenance friendly

Featuring a CF8M stainless steel valve body along with ceramic or nickel chrome stainless steel action discs and simple valve seal kits, the Emech® system is built to resist corrosion and minimise wear while providing maximum performance. Emech® valves and actuators are designed, built and tested to provide reliable service with minimal maintenance.

Download the brochures here  E20f-LD    HW-430-LD